Storm safety tips: how to stay safe during a thunderstorm

Although a loud clap of thunder can raise the hair on your arms, it’s the accompanying lightning and strong winds that pose serious dangers. Each year in the U.S., lightning strikes about 25 million times, causing fatal injuries and nearly 26,000 fires. Strong winds that are a frequent occurrence during thunderstorms cause costly property damage, knock down power lines, blow objects into overhead lines, and flood power-related equipment. And the thing about weather is that it can be highly unpredictable. For example, on a late night and early morning in July 2019, thunderstorms, wind gusts up to 62 mph, and nearly 3,500 lightning strikes were recorded in the inland Northwest which is a region not prone to thunderstorms.

Thunderstorm safety tips

While thunderclaps can scare the dickens out of your pets, it’s the accompanying lightning that’s most dangerous. Keep in mind it’s often not even raining when people are struck by lightning. High winds, which may or may not accompany thunderstorms, can be highly damaging to trees and property. Here are helpful tips for staying safe.

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