Illustration of a mom sitting at a table with a toddler in her lap, looking at a laptop while an older kid stands by the table, smiling next to a soccer ball

At Home with Lisa: Kids safety at home

Lisa finds that Avista has lessons for kids to learn about energy safety.

Emergency prepardness supplies including lashlight, backpack, batteries, water bottles, first aid kit, lantern, radio, can opener

At Home with Lisa: Emergency Preparedness

Lisa checks her emergency kit to make sure nothing should be replaced

Worried mother on the phone, looking at her laptop while holding her baby

Be on guard against scams

To help you win the battle against scams, we’ve compiled a list of common scams and ways to avoid becoming a victim.

Closeup of Avista employee wearing Avista hardhat and yellow safety vest

Make sure it's us

As door-to-door scams are becoming increasingly more common throughout Avista’s service territory, caution is advised.

Power pole showing fiberglass cross arms

Grid Hardening Aims to Reduce Wildfire Threat

Avista has launched an extensive 10-year plan to systematically strengthen our electric grid infrastructure along the wildland urban interface (WUI) areas across Idaho and Washington

Natural gas flame stove

At Home with Lisa: Natural Gas Safety

Lisa wonders, "What should you do if there is a natural gas leak?"