Serving you with natural gas and keeping energy prices affordable

Natural gas is a great source of energy to fuel your life. It’s efficient, reliable, and part of our clean energy future. It’s also affordable. In fact, we’ve enjoyed the declining cost of natural gas for over a decade.

But as a product or commodity, the prices of natural gas change. They go up and down and are mostly affected by supply and demand. Gasoline prices are a great example of this. We sigh when the price rises and rejoice when it drops.

When it comes to natural gas, a predictable price is just as important as the valued commodity itself. Imagine if your natural gas price changed like gasoline does. That would make it hard for you to plan for your energy costs, right?

So how does Avista secure a reliable supply of natural gas at an affordable and stable cost for you?

We procure natural gas in a variety of ways to pass wholesale and transport costs on to you at a stable price. Since the price we pay for natural gas changes, we make adjustments each year to natural gas rates to reflect ever-changing market conditions. This approach offers you a reliable supply of natural gas at the lowest possible price.

When you pay your bill, you are paying for the costs for buying wholesale natural gas, getting it where it needs to go, and the people and equipment it takes to deliver it to you.

30% of your bill covers supply. Avista does not make a profit on the wholesale cost of your natural gas or getting it from its source. You pay what we pay. 2/3 of that covers the wholesale cost of your natural gas. 1/3 covers the cost to transport natural gas from its source.

And 70% of your bill covers deliver – the cost of people and equipment it takes to deliver natural gas through our distribution system to you safely and reliably.

Bottom line

Natural gas prices change with the market’s supply and demand, but our purchase plans help deliver reliable natural gas at a price that is as low and as stable as possible for you.

When market prices for natural gas rise, it’s likely that the price you pay will eventually rise. But Avista does not make a profit from these market prices. You pay what we pay.

Avista works hard to ensure your natural gas is safe, reliable, and as affordable as possible.

Visit our website to learn more about your natural gas rates and how rates are set.

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