Local Treasures with Pia: 49 Degrees North has a new quad lift

Chewelah, Washington – The snow-loving crews at 49 Degrees North have been working through mud and rain all summer to get a big improvement finished before opening day.

The Northern Spirit Express – a high speed quad chairlift will carry 116 chairs to the top of Chewelah Peak in record speed, and it’s ready to roar as soon as the snow is thick enough for safe skiing.

Over summer, as crews worked on the new quad, 49 Degrees North posted pictures and videos on its Facebook page, so restless skiers could follow the progress from home.

In mid-November the mountain started making snow at night anticipating opening day around the Thanksgiving weekend, but the elements sadly didn’t cooperate, and opening day was postponed.

Temperatures hovered around freezing, but it just never got quite cold enough for long enough. In early December it started looking a little better and 49 Degrees North announced an opening day of December 17.

“This past week’s natural snow fall combined with our persistent snow-making efforts has given us a beautiful view to look out at, but as of this moment we don’t have quite enough snow pack for operation,” 49 Degrees North posted on Facebook on December 10. “The storms blowing in over the next several days are expected to deliver significant snow accumulation and a big impact on overall conditions.”

While everyone waits for the snow to get thick and fluffy, you can purchase season passes and lift tickets, as well order your rentals and any lessons you may need at ski49n.com.

Skiers should also Keep an eye on 49 Degrees North’s Facebook page for updates on snow and the approaching opening day. The Alpine Shop as well as the Boomtown Bar and the Quickturn Café are often open on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the same time as the ticket office is open for Season Pass pickup.

As something new, 49 Degrees North is offering a season pass in collaboration with North Idaho’s Silver Mountain silvermt.com. Find more information at ski49n.com or call the ticket office at (509) 935-6649 or email ski49n@ski49n.com.

Photo credit: 49 Degrees North Facebook page

Visit ski49n.com for more information about opening day, mountain conditions, and ticket prices.

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