Power lines are on top of a snowed in car and on the snow covered street with traffic cones placed around the area

Lisa Explains: What if a storm damages my power line?

If unexpected weather causes damage to a power line, what am I responsible for?

Woman adjusting home thermostat, she is wearing a sweater and there is snow visible through the window

Lisa Explains: Winter bills are always higher

Lisa explains why her bill goes up when it’s cold outside, and why heaters run more even when she doesn’t change the temperature.

Family enjoying a meal together indoors on a snowy day

At Home with Lisa: Why homes use more energy in the winter

Lisa takes a look at Avista’s website to learn the many reasons why her bill is higher during cold weather.

Woman sitting with a blanket and a warming cloth rice bag

At Home with Lisa: Stay warm with DIY rice bags

Make rice bags to keep your feet warm.

Window plastic being applied to a window with a hair dryer

At Home with Lisa: Cover windows to keep heat inside

Lisa covers her windows in plastic, just in time for the cold weather.

Installing foam insulator behind a power outlet

At Home with Lisa: Drafty air leaks impact home comfort year-round

Adding a gasket to your outlets and light switches can help seal leaks.