Family enjoying a meal together indoors on a snowy day

At Home with Lisa: Why homes use more energy in the winter

Lisa takes a look at Avista’s website to learn the many reasons why her bill is higher during cold weather.

Woman sitting with a blanket and a warming cloth rice bag

At Home with Lisa: Stay warm with DIY rice bags

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Window plastic being applied to a window with a hair dryer

At Home with Lisa: Cover windows to keep heat inside

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Installing foam insulator behind a power outlet

At Home with Lisa: Drafty air leaks impact home comfort year-round

Adding a gasket to your outlets and light switches can help seal leaks.

Collage of three photos showing the making of a bean stew on the stove

At Home with Lisa: Humidity helps your home feel warmer

There’s more than one benefit to slow cooking soups

New quad lift at 49 Degrees North

Local Treasures with Pia: 49 Degrees North has a new quad lift

Snow is moving in and the Northern Spirit Express is ready to zoom skiers to the top of Chewelah Peak at record speed.