Closeup of hands applying rope caulk to window

At Home with Lisa: Ready for winter?

Lisa prepares for winter by revisiting old projects

Bright winter sun shines through a single tree with frosty grass

Cold weather is on the way

Stay safe, be ready

Ski lift at North Powder, Oregon

On the Oregon Trail: North Powder, Oregon

Many people are drawn to the North Powder area for its stunning views, proximity to the mountains, and some of the best skiing around

Brown ceiling fan

At Home with Lisa: Ceiling Fans

Lisa switches the blades of her ceiling fan to spin in a different direction

Small night light plugged into a wall

At Home with Lisa: Night Light

Night lights help Lisa navigate her home during the darker months of winter

Sandifur Bridge with trees

Local Treasures with Pia: Yes or No to Snow

There are two kinds of snow people: those who pray for mountains of white fluffy flakes every night and those who pray for the snow to stay far, far away