Woman using hairdryer to apply plastic to windows for energy efficiency

I love my house

Learning tips and tricks to warm up in an old house

Woman sitting on couch holding coffee mug

Cold weather and coffee

What happens when your home gets the chills

Meter with snow on it

Out of sight, out of mind

Don't forget to keep your gas meter free from debris

Man and woman smiling in a Toys for Tots warehouse

Finding Holiday Joy From Toys for Tots in Spokane

Billy Bean is the man responsible for giving Krystal's son a reason to believe in the magic of the holiday season

Man shoveling snow

A fresh blanket of snow

Alison and Brendan stay safe while shoveling

Gingerbread Post Street Substation

The 14th annual Gingerbread Build-Off raises $25,000 every year for Christ Kitchen

Avista's Post Street Substation has been a civic icon overlooking the Spokane Falls since 1909--making it a perfect choice for the build-off theme of local, historic landmarks