Energy for when you need it

It’s easy not to think about it, but there is energy behind so much for our daily lives. The light comes on when we flip the switch, the furnace heats the house when it gets cold and so much more. As your energy provider, at Avista we’re always thinking about your energy – how to make sure you have what you need when you need it, affordably and in a way that honors our environment.

We also think about our longstanding commitment to clean energy and creating a healthy and vibrant future for all of us. While we work toward our clean energy goals, we also recognize the role of natural gas in achieving these, affordably and reliably. Natural gas is a responsible, practical and effective part of reducing emissions and achieving decarbonization. We can’t have reliable energy today without it.

We continue to support decarbonization of the grid and have developed a strategy for carbon reduction for our natural gas business.

In 2021, we announced aspirational goals to reduce natural gas emissions 30% by 2030 and to be carbon neutral in our natural gas operations by 2045. To reach these goals, we are exploring several different strategies, including transitioning from conventional, fossil fuel natural gas to renewable natural gas (RNG), hydrogen and other renewable biofuels. The electric and gas systems are complementary, and both are needed to maintain reliability and affordability for our customers.

Direct use of natural gas by our customers for space heating and water heating will continue to be an important way to meet customers’ energy needs and reach Avista’s ambitious clean electricity goals. Even though natural gas has already contributed a great deal to reductions in emissions, Avista is working to make its gas system even cleaner. Our customers have invested in a valuable pipeline supply and distribution infrastructure over time, so it’s in their best interest to leverage this critical investment to unlock a greener future.

As utilities, customers and communities identify ways to reduce emissions, Avista will continue to be a responsible partner. Our actions will continue to be focused on how we can provide the right energy source, electricity or natural gas, in ways that are mindful of emissions, reliability and affordability for all we serve.

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