Don't give your hard-earned money to a scammer

Regardless of the time of year, scammers are relentless. They prey on the most vulnerable and will take your hard-earned money if you let them. Stay vigilant year-round and follow these simple rules to avoid falling victim to a scam.

Phone Scam

You receive a call or a text message over the phone from someone pretending to be from Avista. They are demanding immediate payment to avoid your utility services from being disconnected.

Email Scam

You get an email from someone demanding immediate payment with suspicious links.

Door-To-Door Scam

Someone arrives at your door wearing, what looks like authentic branded apparel with your utility provider's logo, a hard hat, and a safety vest. The scammer then begins using high-pressure tactics to demand immediate payment to avoid having your service disconnected.

If you question the person’s motives, please call us. No matter the situation, stop the harassment immediately. Hang up, delete the email, or close the door. Call us at (800) 227-9187 to verify that person’s identity. In most cases, scammers will quickly depart if you tell them you’re going to do so. If you suspect someone of attempting a scam, please contact your local law enforcement.

Helpful Tips

If an individual is claiming to represent Avista and requests to access your property, asks for personnel information about your Avista services, or demands immediate payment, always ask to see the person’s Avista badge. Avista employees and contractors will always have an identification badge. Also, Avista employees and our authorized contractors will carry program materials and their vehicles will be clearly marked.

View our scam video series for additional information.

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