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Did you know that buildings are responsible for 27% of Washington’s statewide greenhouse gas emissions? It’s why energy efficient buildings play such a significant role in the state’s emission reduction goals. It’s also why Washington’s Clean Buildings Standard (HB1257, 2019), which set new energy performance standards for existing commercial buildings, aims to lower costs and pollution from fossil fuel consumption.*

If your building is 50,000 sq. ft. or larger, Avista’s FREE Clean Buildings Accelerator program can help you understand how the law impacts you, while developing a personalized path toward compliance.

Compliance deadlines

The Clean Buildings Standard was signed into law in 2019 (Tier 1 buildings) and expanded in 2022 (Tier 2 buildings). If your building is not exempt from this law, compliance deadlines are as follows:

Compliance options

Many businesses impacted by the Clean Buildings Standard are under the impression that their only pathway toward compliance requires giant financial investments in building retrofits and/or equipment upgrades. Others think that if their building is of newer construction, it already complies. Even more don’t know that meeting compliance targets is not just a one-time requirement.

While these are all common misunderstandings, the truth is, there are four pathways to compliance. All four pathways require engagement, paperwork, and planning. This means, even if your building is already meeting energy usage targets (EUIt), you’ll still need to complete required tasks to comply. The four pathways are:

  1. 1. Exemption
  2. 2. Currently meeting EUIt
  3. 3. Not meeting EUIt – Investment
  4. 4. Not meeting EUIt – Conditional compliance

Get FREE compliance help

Pinpointing where to begin with Clean Buildings Standard compliance and determining which pathway is best for you can be overwhelming. Avista offers a FREE Clean Buildings Accelerator program to help our customers find success. If you are impacted by the law and have a building over 50,000 sq. ft., we want you to join an upcoming program cohort.

Avista’s Clean Buildings Accelerator program is FREE to qualifying customers. Participants join a cohort of other Avista business customers impacted by the law, who are seeking compliance help. Hosted virtually, the program provides:

Compliance deadlines are fast-approaching. If you or someone you know could benefit from this FREE program, sign up now to reserve your spot.

*Clean Buildings Performance Standard - Washington State Department of Commerce

Compliance deadlines are fast-approaching. If you or someone you know could benefit from this FREE program, sign up now to reserve your spot.

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