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Over the last two years, I’ve been completing easy do-it-yourself projects on my old house to help improve its energy efficiency. You can see how easy these projects are in my DIY videos.

I’ve picked up a few new skills and a few new tools along the way. I’ve also spent a lot of time poking around on Avista’s website. There is a lot more information there than just using it to pay your monthly bill.

I’m excited to break down some of the interesting and helpful things I’ve found. Learn with me as I write about them every week In and share on Avista’s social media pages in my new column, “Lisa Explains.”

Have you ever wondered if solar power was right for you and your home? Maybe you are thinking about buying a new electric vehicle. How does Avista prioritize outage restoration.

These are just some of the questions I hope to answer for you in the coming weeks. I hope you find them helpful.

Lisa, an Avista customer, has been writing about the energy savings she implemented in her 1908 home. While visiting to get some tips to make her home more efficient she noticed there were more than just tips to save energy, there are energy tools, programs, and lots of customer resources. “Lisa Explains” is written from the customer perspective with short articles about what she has learned in hopes that you find it just as interesting. Join us every other week for Lisa Explains.

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