Diverse Energy Mix

Windmills in front of a cloudy blue sky at Palouse Wind

The main types of renewable energy

Avista offers a mix of renewable energy solutions to our customers

Windmills at Palouse Wind, green grass and a blue sky with clouds

Avista's View of Clean Energy

Jason Thackston, Avista senior vice president, on Avista's view of Clean Energy

Solar panels

Avista's at the Forefront of Clean Energy and Innovation

Founded on clean, renewable hydropower in 1889, we’ve always been at the forefront of clean energy and innovation

Man smiling in front of solar farm

How B.Jay Turned His Farmland Into a Solar Farm & Is Giving Back

Farming isn’t just a job, it’s a lifestyle and his way of honoring the past

Older woman smiling

Lind, WA Local Gets Front Row View of The Evolution of Technology in Her Town

Gladie is watching as 200 acres of nearby land is transformed into the largest solar farm in the state