Lisa Explains

Man planting trees outdoors in springtime

Lisa Explains: Planting the right tree in the right place

If planted in the right place, a tree can help you save energy in the summer by providing shade.

Power lines are on top of a snowed in car and on the snow covered street with traffic cones placed around the area

Lisa Explains: What if a storm damages my power line?

If unexpected weather causes damage to a power line, what am I responsible for?

Woman adjusting home thermostat, she is wearing a sweater and there is snow visible through the window

Lisa Explains: Winter bills are always higher

Lisa explains why her bill goes up when it’s cold outside, and why heaters run more even when she doesn’t change the temperature.

Putting leftover vegetable scraps into compost bucket

Lisa Explains: Renewable Natural Gas

How collecting organic waste can be a source of an alternative energy.

An Avista customer looking at her mobile phone outside her home

Lisa Explains: More ways to stay cool

Lisa looks to Avista to find more ways to stay cool this summer.

An Avista customer sits on her couch and looks at her tablet

Lisa Explains: Ways to keep cool indoors

Summer is heating up. Lisa explains ways to keep cool indoors.