Perched bald eagle in snow at Lake Coeur d'Alene

Helping regional wildlife thrive

Avista began monitoring bald eagles as a component of the Spokane River Project license issued by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in 2009.

Plants growing on a floating wetland structure in the lake

Lake Spokane Floating Wetland

A living laboratory on the lake

Diver in water holding flowering rush after diving for weeds

Diving for weeds

Removing non-native aquatic invasive weeds is a real challenge

Woman on boat testing lake water

Protecting the health of our waterways

The Spokane River provides us all with clean and affordable electricity, and much more, including a home for fish, habitat for wildlife and opportunities for recreation

Man stocking fish in a reservoir

Fish stocking at Lake Spokane

Wouldn't you rather play when you know the odds are good?

View of river with trees

Ten must-do Spokane River activities

Visit some of the many natural wonders along the Spokane River