It's hot outside

It can be easy to forget that hot summer sun has a significant impact on home energy use. Air conditioners operate under the same concept as heaters: they push conditioned air into spaces to help control the temperature. When the temperature outside far exceeds the desired temperature inside, air conditioners get an intense workout. You can give yours a break by making sure its filter is clean and by avoiding activities that will create unnecessary heat.

Did you know that using kitchen appliances can increase indoor air temperatures by up to ten degrees? To save energy and keep your home comfortable, try cooking outside on a barbecue or with smaller appliances like a microwave or air fryer. Dishwashers, washers and dryers also produce a lot of heat, which spills out into your home. Wait until you have full loads and run them in the evening, after 7:00 p.m., when air is cooling down. High humidity can cause spaces to feel hotter so run bathroom, kitchen or laundry room fans, for short periods of time, to help.

Not sure what the temperature inside your home is? Install a smart thermostat to help manage your energy use – and get up to a $150 rebate. Learn more about rebates.

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