Avista partners with Lands Council to plant 1,500 trees

Eight trees and shrubs every minute. That’s what over 300 volunteers planted in 3 hours’ time, October 14th, during The Lands Council’s 7th annual Reforest Spokane Day.

Avista is a long-time advocate of the Spokane River and proud partner of The Lands Council for the event which plants hundreds of native trees and shrubs annually.

This year, the volunteers gathered along the Spokane River, just outside Kendall Yards, to plant a “riparian buffer,” which prevents soil erosion, reduces pollutants, controls water temperature and creates wildlife habitat.

Since 2010 the event’s mission has been “to plant trees as a community until future generations…are surrounded by one million trees that symbolize community, stewardship, and dedication.”

Learn more while watching a video of the event.

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