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Five sprawling stories of hallways, stairways and private apartments. Carports, entryways and a laundry room. This historic multi-family building on the south end of Spokane’s downtown opted for an energy-efficiency upgrade this winter and the difference was instantly recognizable.

High-efficiency Feit Electric LED bulbs were installed in all of the shared interior and exterior spaces, as well as several apartments. The bulbs, constructed of lightweight plastic instead of glass, are 100-percent mercury-free, sturdy, durable and – this is the best part – can save up to 85% on energy costs.

“These lights are so great. They’re brighter, yet the light is somehow softer,” explains Vivian, Community Manager at the Altadena Apartments in the Cliff-Canon neighborhood. “They don’t get as hot as traditional bulbs so they’re safer, and once they’re installed, we really don’t need to think about them for years.”

In early January Vivian received a call from an Avista partner, Robert Blue. Robert is a local energy consultant from SBW Consulting, a water- and energy-efficiency engineering firm that partners with utilities throughout the United States to help make simple but important changes that mutually benefit humans and the environment. 

To qualify for this program, multi-family buildings must be Avista electric customers and house five or more individual units. So long as those simple qualifications are met, this program is offered free-of-charge.

Robert and other members of the Avista multi-family energy efficiency team visit and inspect properties, assess the need and then work with property management to handle the installation. Free energy-saving faucet aerators for kitchen and bathroom sinks, as well as low-flow showerheads, are also available for anyone who wants them.

“I think this program is wonderful!” Vivian says. “I really hope other people get on board to take advantage of the savings.”

If you own or manage a property that meets eligibility requirements and are interested in these energy-efficient upgrades from Avista, contact Robert Blue at (206) 779-6721.

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