Changes for hot, dry weather

Summer weather is here, and in response to the hot, dry conditions, we are changing operations to decrease the potential for wildfires.

This shift, called dry-land mode, means we change our system to turn off automatic re-energization when a fault occurs. Avista’s line personnel will physically patrol an outage area before a line is placed back into service.

It means you may experience longer outage times, but it keeps everyone safer.

We have been implementing this response to hot, dry weather for more than 20 years. Avista is expanding dry-land mode this year by pairing it with our fire-weather monitoring system. This will allow system operators and managers to make better informed decisions on a more targeted geographic basis.

Avista will return the distribution system to normal as soon as weather permits and fire potential decreases. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this time.

Learn more about our wildfire resiliency plan.

Visit to get your free step-by-step Wildfire Ready Plan from Washington DNR.

Plan ahead in case of outages. See our power outage to-do list.

Learn more about our wildfire resiliency plan.

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