Boxed remains of the Riblet family laid to rest in a plot

Unclaimed to honored

One at a time, three small square boxes wrapped in brown paper and twine emerge from a basement storage room of Fairmount Memorial Park in Spokane.

Closeup of  a piece of fish on the grill of an outdoor barbecue

At Home with Lisa: Outdoor grilling

Lisa takes advantage of the cooler weather to grill outdoors.

Closeup of a woman cooking on her natural gas stove - she is heating up a pan to make eggs

Serving you with natural gas and keeping energy prices affordable

Natural gas is a great source of energy to fuel your life

Child looking into a display case at Malin musuem

On the Oregon Trail: Malin

See a mastodon tusk and learn about Czechoslovakian culture all in the same day.

Closeup of a new LED lightbulb shining

At Home with Lisa: Forgotten lightbulbs

Lisa discovers she hasn’t thought about all the lightbulbs in her house: some are not LED

A couple poses outside, standing in their vineyard

Local Treasures with Pia: Fools Prairie Vineyard

Winemaking couple begin their vineyard after test planting showed potential