Group of teenagers smiling

Thriving teen center is beginning to fundraise for a new building

The Winston Area Community Partnership Teen Center is so popular it has begun fundraising for a new location.

Man looking at his laptop in the evening, talking on the phone and looking frustrated

Don't give your hard-earned money to a scammer

When in doubt, call Avista to discuss the status of your account.

An Avista customer looking at her mobile phone outside her home

Lisa Explains: More ways to stay cool

Lisa looks to Avista to find more ways to stay cool this summer.

An Avista customer sits on her couch and looks at her tablet

Lisa Explains: Ways to keep cool indoors

Summer is heating up. Lisa explains ways to keep cool indoors.

Smiling senior woman sitting on couch and looking at smartphone at home

Have you tried the Avista mobile app?

It’s everything you need from the convenience of your mobile device.

Cows grazing in a field

Lisa Explains: Renewable Natural Gas

How collecting organic waste can be a source of an alternative energy.