The heat is on

We don’t predict the weather but we sure do monitor it. We need to because we are responsible for supplying customers with energy during very hot and very cold temperatures. One thing is for certain, energy use increases when its cold.

It may seem logical but it’s easy to forget. The colder it gets the more often your heat will turn on. During the winter months, heating our homes accounts for more than half of the energy we use. Even if you don’t touch the thermostat, your energy use will go up when the temperatures drop.

Just how often the heat comes on depends on many things like, how well insulated your home is, if you have leaks around the doors or windows, and how many windows you have.

Some things to consider when thinking about your energy use over the next few months:

Check out a few videos on how to do some simple low cost measures that will help with your energy use during this heating season.

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