Contributing to a Sustainable Community with Smart Meters

On March 4, Avista will begin installing smart meters in Washington: new smart electric meters for our electricity customers and smart modules for our gas customers’ existing meters.

Why Smart Meters?

Rapidly emerging technologies are disrupting the way energy is not only generated and delivered, but also consumed – and utility companies are making major investments in technology to modernize the grid to be more flexible, more reliable, and more resilient.

In fact, smart meters are becoming the utility standard across the United States and Europe. And they’re a foundational part of our effort to continue to build the utility of the future that will meet our customers’ needs and expectations.

Using digital technology — similar to your smartphone – smart meters allow for two-way communication between your meter and Avista. They record your energy use information, which is then safely and securely sent to our computer data center. We use that information to generate bills, to run a more reliable and efficient power grid, and to deliver a higher level of service to our customers.

Customer Benefits Are Numerous

The benefits of smart meter technology are a game-changer for customers, not only giving them more information about their energy use, but also improving how energy is delivered to them.

The smart meters and modules will be installed either by Avista personnel or by our installation partner, Wellington Energy. Every installer will be carrying proper identification. And before you receive your new meter and/or module, you’ll receive at least two notices by mail — one arriving several months in advance; another just a few weeks prior to installation.

Want to learn more? We've put together additional information about smart meter technology.

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