At Home with Lisa: Rope caulk makes sealing air leaks easy

Some home improvement projects are easier than others. If you’ve ever played with Play-Doh, you already know how to seal a leaky window. A gap of just 1/8 of an inch around a door or window is the equivalent of having a softball-sized hole in the wall.

This project is a good one for me to do once the weather starts cooling down and when I don’t plan to open the windows again anytime soon. I use rope caulk to seal up any leaks around my windows.

Rope caulk is a lot like modeling clay. It comes in a ribbon of six strips you can separate for smaller crevices in your window frame. You can find it at the hardware store for about $5. It’s easy to use and easy to remove in the spring.

If you are feeling a breeze near a window, take a strip of rope caulk and stuff it into the crevice of the window frame. You can put it along the side or where the two panes come together. The clay forms a seal that keeps the cold outside.

I really like using rope caulk every fall to seal my windows. It’s inexpensive, easy to use and easy to remove in the spring—just pull it out of the crevice and your window is ready to open.

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