Rebates: Oregon

Enjoy savings when you improve the energy efficiency of your home.

Thinking of adding a new energy efficient feature to your home? That's great, for the environment, and for you. You'll receive generous incentives from your home state when you invest in energy efficiency, but be sure you meet minimum requirements to qualify.

Cash incentives - residential upgrades

We've partnered with Energy Trust of Oregon to provide you with cash incentives towards new energy-efficiency upgrades.

Cash incentives - business upgrades

Let Avista help your business improve its bottom line through improved gas and energy efficiency.

About Energy Trust

  • Began serving Oregonians in 2002
  • An independent nonprofit organization dedicated to helping utility customers invest in and benefit from energy efficiency
  • Provides services and cash incentives that have helped utility customers save more than two billion dollars in energy costs

Data sharing rule

The Oregon Public Utility Commission (OPUC) has established rules about how and what customer information Avista and the Energy Trust must share. The OPUC also requires that we notify you that we are sharing this information.

Avista must provide customer name, utility account number, service address, historical gas usage, heat type, and rate type. Energy Trust must provide Avista with information about the energy efficiency measures our customers install through participation in their programs. Energy Trust is required by law to hold this information in strict confidence.

Energy Trust will use the information to help design, evaluate, and improve the energy efficiency programs they offer to our customers and may also use the information to contact you directly about their programs. If you do not wish to be contacted by Energy Trust, you may submit a do-not-contact instruction.

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